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There’s no denying that even currently when most people have the time readily available on their phones, watches make for a great accessory – but their use it not just aesthetic. If you live an active life, for example, if you’re heavily involved in sports, there are occasions where a phone simply won’t do. This is where a water-resistant watches really come into play!

When shopping for a new watch, you’ve likely considered your day to day lifestyle, as well as thinking about what you prefer aesthetically. One thing that you might consider if you have a particularly active life is water resistance – and there are plenty of great designs on the market that are both practical as well as functional.


Waterproof vs Water Resistant Watches

Water resistance is pretty common in many watch types due to its popularity, and the availability of materials that help to keep a watch “waterproof” are easier to come by and cheaper to produce. What you may not know is that no watch can be truly labelled as “waterproof”. This is because under intense water pressure, the watch begins to break down and leaves the intricate mechanisms open to water damage.

When something is labelled as “water resistant”, it can be easily identified by markings on the inside of the watch face. It will show you how much water your watch can tolerate before breaking completely or the time-keeping accuracy suffers.


Understanding Water Resistance

If you’re new to the world of horology, there can be an overwhelming amount of information available online around watches – and that isn’t limited to just water resistance. With different units of measurement, the standard is ATM or “atmosphere” – and is generally tested based on to which depth the watch can remain water tight whilst underwater. For example, if a watch can withstand 3ATM, it is water resistant up to 30 meters, if it still works fine after 5ATM, it’s water resistant up to 50 meters and so on…

So whether you’re a regular in the open water, or want to invest in a wrist piece that will remain safe and protected over the years, we list some of our top picks for both function and design.


Michael Kors Men’s mk8528

You might think that water-resistant watches are likely to look chunky and sporty - but his stunning piece by popular New York designer Michael Kors proves otherwise! It can withstand up to 10ATM – or 100 meters, if you’re not familiar with horological jargon! The metal bracelet holds a dark watch face with delicate rose gold details to add a touch of class to proceedings.


Vault vt104

For the gent with an eye for old-time classic design, this piece from our Vault line adds a perfect retro twist with formidable durability and can withstand up to 3ATM (30 meters). The black rubber strap adds a masculine edge while the white face held within the silver case provide a striking contrast. It has a minimalist edge and is perfect for the man who prefers a subtle sophistication to a more daring design. Complete with hands for minutes, hours and seconds, this watch is sure to make sure the wearing arrives.



Michael Kors mk6110 in Rose Gold

Water-resistant wristwear isn’t just an all-boys club – there are plenty of options available for women too, such as this gorgeous rose gold number. The diamantes around the dial add some pizazz to the design, and the rose dial completes a harmonious look. Functionally, the watch can withstand up to 100m of water pressure – a must for women on the go! 


Emporio Armani Men’s ar5860

If you’re the type to frequent the water on a regular basis, this stainless-steel offering from Italian menswear designer Emporio Armani would be a perfect match for you. With a 5ATM rating, it’s more hard-wearing than some others on our list – but it does not compromise on style. The stunning navy-blue dial set against the brushed steel, complete with chronograph and date functionality makes sure that this watch is as useful as it is attractive.


Michael Kors mk6135 Women’s Watch

For the ladies who need a little more water resistance than the previous offering from Michael Kors allows for, this rose gold bracelet also features diamantes around the watch face. This one has the ability to withstand up to 5ATM, or 50 meters of water pressure which makes it a little harder than its counterpart mentioned earlier in this list. It even includes a secondary dial that measures seconds, making it a perfect companion for the busy woman!