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If you’re a beginner in the world of luxury timepieces, the sheer number of watches available across the internet and in physical stores can be overwhelming, and prices can vary wildly which can make for a slightly intimidating experience!

When it comes to the world of designer watches, there are ample fashion powerhouses that have wristwear on offer. As with any luxury item, you need to consider several things before purchasing, such as function, longevity and design – and designer wristwear is no exception.

Our personal favourites that we’ve stocked for a long time at Tic 2 Toc are Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs. Both of these remarkable designers produce stunning timepieces for when and women alike and have a range suitable for a variety of tastes. It’s been acknowledged in the world of watches that wristwear by fashion houses is increasingly on the up, with the watchmaking knowledge and contemporary designs increasing the appeal of them.

Here, we break down precisely what makes the watches from each of these designers so special – to help you make that all important decision which watch to buy!


Why Choose a Michael Kors Watch

Michael Kors has long been known in the fashion world as a master of ready-to-wear style and luxury products, and his selection of men’s and women’s watches are no exception. We stock a wide range of Michael Kors watches, and they’re a firm favourite among our customers because of their elegant design and longevity – alongside a reasonable price tag.

Michael Kors watches are favoured among watch lovers new and old. Revered for his handbags the world over, the award-winning New York designer turned his hand to the art of horology; and fans of timeless chic were not disappointed. Many of his ladies watch come in a stunning rose gold or silver finishes, and the men’s selections usually finish in masculine brushed steel with dark watch faces – but the range is incredibly diverse!


Our Favourite Michael Kors Watches

This stunning offering from Michael Kors, the MK8528 comes in a stainless steel colour, complemented by a dark watch face. The dial also has a chronograph, delicately encased within a rose gold ring to add a modern flair to the watch. It’s even water resistant up to 10 meters, proving that this watch is just as functional as it is attractive.

For more sporty types, this Michael Kors mk8152 is perfect! Rather than the usual silver or brushed steel offerings from the New York designer, this comes in a durable black rubber – but that’s not to say that it compromises on style! The muted black tones throughout the design make for a strong, masculine look with an impact. It’s also water resistant up to 10 meters, which makes it perfect for going for a swim, or just everyday wear.


Why Choose a Marc Jacobs Watch

Another fashion powerhouse also stepping into the realm of watchmaking is Marc Jacobs. This American designer has been in the business for over 30 years, and his expertise shows. Similarly to Michael Kors, his watches for women are designed to be both fashion-forward pieces for any occasion, but also hardwearing – some are even water resistant!  

Many of his ladies watches feature contemporary elements, and he is well known for producing products that feature metallic bracelets, often in rose gold or silver tones. The designer does produce men’s watches, their long-term focus is on women’s design, which is evident in the huge range of watches on offer.

 It’s easy to spot a Marc Jacobs watch – the branding is often very proudly emblazoned across his products. With limitless design options, there really is something in the collections he releases for any taste – all manufactured specifically to be high quality with a luxury feel.


Our Favourite Marc Jacobs Watches

This Marc Jacobs MB3101 design is made of gold plated steel, in a smooth champagne tone. The pale watch face features a chronograph, sparkling hour markers and is surrounded in a Marc Jacobs branded casing – to show off your choice in an excellent designer. It’s even made with a quality quartz movement, meaning it’ll last you years!

Another favourite at Tic 2 Toc is the Marc Jacobs Amy watch. A little different to the designer’s usual fare, this instead opts for a dark blue leather strap, off-set against a stunning gold-plated casing the makes for a gorgeous contrast. The watch face matches the strap, making for a stunning cohesive design that would be a fine addition to any woman’s wardrobe!